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Meet our beautiful boys



Dog facts

Name: Black Tulip Magical Wolverine

Date of birth: 2014-11-27

Weight: about 60kg

Height: 72cm

Color: Brindle

SABBS%: 84.7% at 20 months of age

HD / ED: HD A ED 0, see file archive.

Mydog DNA: DNA tested, clear 

See file archive!

Wolverine is our import male from good friends in Holland, he is a confident smart male, and is always aware of the situation. Wolverine loves to be at the center, a real ladiesman and diva! He does not care about other males, as long as they are at a proper distance.


Wolverine left us quickly in May 2020 after he was bitten by a viper, we miss him every day. But he lives on in our hearts and his amazing offspring! 



Name: Athletic Hafthor 

Date of birth: 2016-06-02


Height: 64 cm 

Color: Brindle 

SABBS%: 79.2% at 12 months

HD / ED: HD A ED 0, see file archive.

Mydog DNA:  DNA tested, clear 

Hafthor is Wolverine's offspring, he lives with friends and his litter sister Kalla on a farm with pigs and horses. His mother is a veterinarian, so he is in very good hands! He is an active, nice and easy-going guy, there is a bit of hunting in him so he likes to track with the family hunters.

He is available for mating to SABBS / BI / BEU registered breeders with a free x-rayed bitch approved by us.

We do not do mixed breed matings! 


Beelzebub aka Bubben

Dog facts

Name: Jala Beelzebub 

Date of birth: 2020-12-01

Weight: 60kg at 12 months 

Height: 69m at 12 months 

Color: Brown

SABBS%: Assessed shortly

HD / ED: X-ray gas soon 

Mydog DNA: Tested 

Jala Beelzebub AKA Bubben is our new import male from Holland. 

His parents have a fantastic temperament and a solid bone structure that we hope he will pass on to future puppies.

Bubben is a soft, but confident guy, with a bit of hunting and lots of mischief.

He is very social with both humans and other dogs, super nice simply!

We watch with excitement as he develops!



Name: Athletic Mora-Nisse 

Date of birth: 2019-07-18

Weight: 55kg

Height: 64cm

Color: Brindle 

SABBS%: 82.4%

HD / ED: A / C ED 0,  see file archive. 

Nisse is not owned by us, but he is available for mating of us approved bitches. 

He became best male SABBS Appraisal Bjuv 2021.

He is a very nice and relaxed male!

He does not have much guard, he is social with both humans and other dogs. 

Wolverine pictures

Wolverine bilder

Haftor pictures

Hafthor Bilder

Beelzebub pictures

Bubben bilder
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