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Meet our wonderful girls




Name: Acacia Hills Buffy AKA Molly

Date of birth: 2011-06-20

Weight: 50kg

Height: 64cm

Color: Red

SABBS%: 85.3%

HD / ED: PennHip 0.26 / 0.26 ED 0

MydogDNA: Tested

Molly is our tribe, a fantastic mother / grandmother who took care of her puppies with lots of patience and love.

Molly passed away at the beginning of 2021 almost 10 years old, she is incredibly missed by everyone! Molly was crazy in the family, alert, always first on the walk and a really good watchdog, we are so proud of her!

Molly has had two litters.



Name: Athletic Billie Jean King AKA Aurora

Date of birth: 2016-06-02

Weight: 45kg

Height: 63cm

Color: Brindle

SABBS%: 80.6% at 12 months

HD / ED: HD A ED 0, see file archive.

MydogDNA: Tested

Aurora lives with us and Rosa's own offspring.

Aurora is everyone's little darling, maybe a little spoiled!

She is a wise and active girl who loves her family.

A soft bitch, but strict mother who keeps order in the herd.


Aurora has had a litter in 2019. 




Name: Athletic Idun

Date of birth: 2016-06-02

Weight: 45kg 

Height: 62cm

Color: Brindle 

SABBS%: 80.6%

HD / ED: HD A ED 0, see file archive. 

Mydog DNA: Tested, see file archive 

Idun has had two litters and is now retired from breeding.

She lives with friends and daughter Siv, we are very proud of her fine offspring and her fantastic temperament!



Name: Athletic Rose AKA Pink 

Date of birth: 2019-07-18 

Weight: 46kg at 24 months 

Height: 64 cm

Color: Brindle 

SABBS%: 81.6 LN

HD / ED: HD A ED 0, see file archive. 

Mydog DNA: Tested, Clear 

Rosa is our youngest bitch at home, she is Aurora's puppy. 

Rosa is a funny, very responsive / hardworking, tough girl with a lot of guard, she is reserved when new people come. Social with other dogs with a well-developed dog language. She is always alert and happy and wants to be nice. 




Name: Athletic Nilja of Love 

Date of birth: 2020-11-01 

Weight: 50kg at 10 months 

Height: 63cm 

Color: Brown

SABBS%: Assessed after 12 months of age 

HD / ED: X-ray gas after 15 months 

Mydog DNA: -

Ninja is from our latest litter with  Idun.

She lives with a friend on a farm, but grew up in Gothenburg, so used to the big city and everything that belongs to it.

Ninja is social with other dogs and humans. she is a wise and easy to learn bitch, lovely in every way. 




Name: Athletic Siv

Date of birth: 2018-06-02

Weight: 51kg 

Height: 66 cm 

Color: Brindle 

SABBS%: 78.1 Linear system 

HD / ED: HD B ED 0, see file archive. 

Mydog DNA: Will be tested in the future.  


Siv lives with our friends who also have her mother Idun. They enjoy each other's company. Idun helps with upbringing and also lots of mischief and play.

She is a soft and good girl, very easygoing with other dogs, a bit reserved with new people. 




Name: Rosehills Lions Cleo 

Date of birth: 2020-12-22

Weight: 50kg at 12 months 

Height: 63cm

Color: Brown 

SABBS%: Assessed after 12 months of age 

HD / ED: X-ray gas at 15 months of age 

MydogDNA: Tested after 15 months of age 

Cleo is after our male Athletic Hafthor who we lent to Rosehills Lions, her mother is an import from Poland, The Firth Element Andariel.

Both parents are real farm dogs and roam the farm all day. Cleo lives with friends who have experience of the breed before. 

She is a lively, mischievous and exuberantly happy girl!

A very responsive and social girl who hangs out with many dogs of different breeds.

She has taken her new family by storm!

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