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Breed description BoerBoel


Boerboel means the farmer's big dog, it comes from South Africa, belongs to SKK's breed group 2 and is a molosser. 
Boerboel is also called the South African mastiff, it is a farm dog that was used for guard and company in the past,
but also in the present.

It is fast, agile and athletic.
It is an intelligent, easily trained, agile dog that is reliable and loyal to its family.
It is calm, safe and confident.

A Boerboel needs a clear and mentally strong leader, otherwise they take control themselves, so it is not a dog for beginners. Weakness / hardness: The dog's "memory", Boerboels are generally weak, in other words they only run into an electric fence once, never again.
They are not fighting dogs, nor are they working dogs.
They mature late both in body and bud, a bitch is fully developed at about two years of age and a male at about three years of age,
but it may differ somewhat depending on which lines they originate from.

It is a large dog, ideal height of a male is 66cm to the withers, not lower than 60 cm.
The ideal height of a bitch is 61 cm, not lower than 55 cm.

They weigh between 45-85kg and they are between 8-13 years old.

The breed is not approved by SKK, we are registered with SABBS (South African Boerboel Breeders Society) in South Africa.
SABBS organizes a breed assessment in collaboration with the Swedish breeders
  (Appraisal) per year in Sweden.
For more in-depth information, we refer to SABBS 'website:


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